Which hotel has the best views in the world?

With a world-class hotel in the heart of the capital, Abu Dhabi, it’s no wonder that the city of Abu Dhabi is one of the most photographed cities in the whole of the world.

And that’s why it was once thought that there was no way that Abu Dhabi would have a more stunning skyline.

But in fact, that’s not the case.

Abu Dhabi has the most stunning skyline in the entire world, according to a new report by Travel + Leisure.

We took a look at some of the city’s most iconic buildings, which include Abu Dhabi’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa, and Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.

The report ranked Abu Dhabi as the most beautiful city in the Middle East, and the most gorgeous city in North America.

The top three are: The Burj Tower, a skyscraper in the city that’s the world’s tallest.

The Burji Tower, one of Dubai’s tallest buildings, also the tallest building in the UAE.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Hotel, one the world headquarters for the World Health Organization and one of its largest buildings.

And the Bur Dubai Tower, an apartment complex in the capital that houses around 300 apartments.

Abu Dubai has one of most spectacular skyline views in Asia.

The city’s skyline is visible from many different locations around the world, from Singapore’s Jalan Sultan Iskandar, to Beijing’s Taipei, and from the coast of Thailand to the city in southern China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

So it’s not just the Bur Jumeerah that’s beautiful, it is also the Bur Dhabi skyline that is also quite stunning.

For instance, there’s the iconic Burj Dubai Tower.

As we reported in the previous section, the skyscraper’s soaring tower is one among the most iconic in the country.

The tower, which sits on the edge of the Abu Dhabi city skyline, is just a few metres tall.

It is known for its views of the Bur jumeerahs ocean, and also as the Buraiman Bay, which is home to one of China’s most beautiful aquariums.

The skyscraper also has a very iconic location: It is the first skyscraper built in the 19th century and its tower is the tallest in the region.

As the tallest tower in the Gulf, the building is also one of Asia’s most important landmarks.

As for the Bur-Jumeeras ocean view, the water is visible on many different points around the city, such as the Marina Bay Sands, the Marina Marina Bay, and even in Dubai’s famous Harbour Bridge.

In fact, the skyline of the UAE is one that is very close to the ocean, which means that the views of Abu Dharah are even better than in the West.

However, the city is also famous for its beaches.

The country has around 30 beaches, which are spread across more than 600 kilometers.

Abu Dhamar has a number of famous beaches, such the one at Al Nahda Beach in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE’s most famous beach is Al-Khaleej, which offers some of Europe’s most spectacular views.

The Dubai Marina, a large bay with a large sand dune and sandbars, is also among the world class beach in the desert.

Another popular beach is in Abu Jumeira, located in the southern part of the country’s Gulf coast.

The Al-Qasr beach, which lies just across the water from the UAE’s southern coast, is a popular beach that attracts thousands of tourists.

It’s known for the stunning views of Al-Wadah beach.

Abu Jemah, one among Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations, is famous for being one of UAE’s best beach resorts.

The beaches of Al Hamd, Al Khaleejah, Al Qatan and Al Nahdah are all located within a very short distance from the capital city.

So, when it comes to beaches, Dubai is one the most visited countries in the World, and there are also a number famous beaches in the other countries in which the UAE operates.

But what about the city itself?

The city has many unique architectural features, which makes it a very special place.

The tallest building is the Burimah Tower, which stands as one of three tallest buildings in the Dubai skyline.

It also features a very impressive interior design and is one amongst the most modern in the area.

The design of the building also differs between buildings, and is also unique to the Burjin project.

The project has two main elements, the tallest and the smallest building.

The second part of each building consists of a tower, while the smaller tower is part of a courtyard, with its own entrance.

The towers are the first buildings built in Dubai in the Burkinabe style, a very old style of architecture that was used until the 20th century.

It was also popular in the 1930s and 1940s, when Dubai was the first city in UAE

With a world-class hotel in the heart of the capital, Abu Dhabi, it’s no wonder that the city of Abu…