When a dog meets a celebrity: How a dog can change a person’s life

I’m in the middle of a four-day vacation.

The dog that’s sitting in my lap is a stray named Daisy.

She’s about 5 months old and has no real family or owner.

She hasn’t had any friends or owners since she was rescued from the street a year ago.

Daisy’s owner, a woman named Kim, took Daisy to the veterinarian because she couldn’t find a home for her.

They tested her and found that she had leukemia.

She had no other family to care for her, so she was put down for adoption.

Kim thought Daisy would be a good dog to adopt.

So they went to a shelter and adopted her.

Daisy is the first dog Kim ever adopted.

Kim is not a veterinarian and doesn’t have any training, so Daisy will learn to do things on her own.

Daisy has a special bond with Kim.

Daisy looks up to Kim.

She wants to be the best dog in the world.

I don’t know what that’s like, so I can’t help her.

Kim’s been working on a program for dogs to adopt new people.

They’ll get a certificate from a vet and then they can adopt them.

This was supposed to happen a few months ago, but Daisy’s owners didn’t have enough money to pay the vet fees.

Kim and Daisy are now taking Daisy to a puppy rescue program in the Dominican Republic.

It’s been three years since Daisy was rescued and they’ve been hoping to adopt more dogs.

Kim said they are working with a local shelter, the Rescue and Rescue International, to help other dogs.

I think Daisy could be the first puppy rescue in the U.S. The first dog they ever adopted was a dog named Buddy who was a puppy.

When Daisy came along, she was a rescue puppy.

Kim says Daisy is a good candidate to adopt because she has a great personality and will love being with people.

But it will take some time to get to know Daisy and see her new life.

Kim hopes Daisy will be a role model for other dogs and people.

When Kim and Kim first adopted Daisy, Daisy was about two years old and she was scared.

She’d only been with Kim for two days.

She was scared because Daisy was an unknown and she didn’t know anyone at the shelter.

Kim was very careful about Daisy, trying to keep her calm.

But Daisy was a different animal than any other puppy they had, so Kim had to put her down.

They gave Daisy a new name and a new coat of fur to try to mask her scent.

Kim also brought her to a vet clinic for tests.

She didn’t find any of her cancer and then she was tested for leukemia.

Kim has never been tested for cancer and Daisy was the only dog that tested positive for leukemia and she’s a great pet.

I just want Daisy to be able to have a normal life.

I’m going to make sure she doesn’t end up in a shelter.

A dog’s life is forever.

So why can’t dogs learn to be friends with people?

The most important thing about being a dog is to be loved by people.

That’s what dogs are there for, but dogs can also be good for people.

We can teach dogs a lot of good things.

Dogs love people and they’re good for us, too.

Kim said she loves dogs more than she loves herself.

It took her two years to adopt Daisy and Kim said it took her a long time to realize how much Daisy meant to her.

I’m not here for her to be a pet or a trophy.

I want her to have the best life she can.

Daisy will always be my daughter, Kim said.

Daisy loves to be around people, and Kim wants Daisy to feel safe around people.

As Kim said, Daisy’s life will be hers for the rest of her life.

If Kim ever finds another dog who she can adopt, Daisy would love that.

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I’m in the middle of a four-day vacation.The dog that’s sitting in my lap is a stray named Daisy.She’s about…