What to know about the top hotel properties in Las Vegas and beyond

In February 2019, Las Vegas was hit by a massive fire that killed nearly 2,000 people and destroyed more than 30,000 homes.

The city was devastated for two weeks and many locals blamed the fire on climate change.

Las Vegas has had its fair share of fires and natural disasters in the last decade, with one of the deadliest ever.

But now that it has been cleaned up, there are new luxury hotels popping up along the Strip.

We sat down with the people behind them to find out what they have in store for the next couple of years.

What are the top hotels in Las.


What are some of the newest?

What will the future hold?


The Sands Sands has been building the Sands Hotel and Casino in the heart of the city since it opened in 1990.

It is a boutique hotel with luxury suites and private swimming pools, a spa, and a gym, among other amenities.

It has been operating since 2009.


Wynn Las Vegas opened in May 2019 and has already surpassed the number of hotel rooms in the city.

It features the best suites in the world and a rooftop pool with a spa.


The Riviera Atrium is another resort that opened in 2020 and is currently home to The Grand Hyatt Las Vegas.

It offers a wide array of luxury suites, pools, and sports arenas, with an on-site casino and a full bar and grill.


Atlantis Atlantis opened in January 2021 and is the newest addition to the Las Vegas strip.

It boasts a wide range of luxury amenities, including an on site casino and rooftop pool.


WynN Vegas has been in operation since December 2018.

It’s been the home of Wynn Resorts since 2020, and has also been used as the home to the Wynn Hotel and Resorts.


The Plaza Hotel and Spa has been a Las Vegas fixture since 2020.

It was built to be the first hotel to feature a rooftop bar and restaurant and features suites, dining, and even a fitness center.

It will be one of three properties in the resort to open their doors in 2021.


The Mirage hotel opened in December 2021 and has been remodeled into The Mirage Spa and Hotel.

It includes a spa that overlooks the Strip and features a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and is open to the public.


The Venetian hotel opened June 2019 and it’s now the second largest hotel in Las Vegans history, after The Palace Hotel.

With its luxury suites overlooking the Las Vegos Strip, the hotel offers a variety of amenities for its guests to enjoy.


The Wynn opened in March 2021 and offers a large variety of luxury options.

It also boasts two restaurants and has a rooftop garden that overlook the Las Vegas Strip.


Wynwood The Wynwood Resort opened in February 2021 and will be the second resort in the Wynwood family.

It provides its guests with more than 300 rooms and suites, an onsite casino, and plenty of amenities, such as swimming pools and a fitness room.

In February 2019, Las Vegas was hit by a massive fire that killed nearly 2,000 people and destroyed more than…