The Biggest Loser: What Is The Best Hotel in the World?

Los Angeles hotelier Jorge Salcedo has just released his latest travel advice.

Salcedos first book, The Bigger, Brighter, Better, and Wider Bigger is a must-read for anyone wanting to take their hotel shopping and booking to the next level.

It covers everything from the best hotels in the world to what makes a hotel stand out from the rest.

But in this interview with Entertainment Weekly, Salcedon shares some of his best tips for booking your next big hotel deal.

Salcedo’s biggest tips for your next Biggest Biggest hotel deal:1.

Don’t forget about local restaurants, especially when it comes to breakfast.2.

Find a hotel that has a pool or a spa.

This is important for any hotel that wants to compete with the likes of Universal Orlando and Marriott.3.

If you can find a pool, go for a smaller pool room and save money on the pool bills.4.

Don the “go for the pool” card when booking a hotel.

If your family is going to a big event, go to a larger pool.5.

You need to get creative with how much food you’re getting at your next hotel.

Here are a few tips to consider:A.

If it is your first time, you need to make reservations at least 24 hours in advance.

The more you do this, the more efficient your hotel will be.


If the hotel you’re booking is on the main floor, have your guests stand outside to watch the movie on the big screen.

If a movie isn’t showing, then you may want to cancel your reservation and book elsewhere.


If there are no reservations available, book a room on the second floor.

It is usually cheaper to book rooms on the third floor.


If booking on the first floor, book the second-floor room on your own time.

Make sure you check in at the hotel on time.


If planning to book a hotel room, be sure to book the room on time to avoid delays.

Remember, you will be staying in a hotel for about six months, so the hotel will probably have a different room schedule than the first-floor reservation.5 Tips for booking a Biggest Hotel Deal:

Los Angeles hotelier Jorge Salcedo has just released his latest travel advice.Salcedos first book, The Bigger, Brighter, Better, and Wider…