‘The Best of Philadelphia’ list: A look at the best of the city

As Philadelphia prepares to host the Super Bowl, we’re ranking its top attractions, the best restaurants, and the best music festivals.

We look back at the city’s best restaurants in our list of the Top 100 Restaurants of the World, and our picks for the top hotels in Philadelphia.

The list is compiled based on our most recent analysis of the latest hotel occupancy data, the most recent bookings data, and recent ratings data.

For our list, we used the data from the 2015 Hotel Industry Association (HIA) Annual Hotels Survey, which is conducted every four years.

The HIA surveyed over 12,000 hotel operators and agents across the United States and internationally.

The survey is a snapshot of the industry as a whole and includes the most-used hotel room types and rates.

We used data from four of the 10 largest and most well-known hotel companies, plus the most popular local bars and restaurants.

We ranked each hotel based on its occupancy rates for the most recently reported calendar year, the percentage of hotel rooms booked for its designated nights, and occupancy data from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

Each hotel’s occupancy rate was the percentage that its rooms were occupied for its specified calendar year.

The percentage is an estimate of occupancy data.

This measure was taken to be representative of the hotel industry as it is now.

We also looked at the number of hotel room nights booked each year.

These are typically the number nights in which the hotel has a nightly occupancy rate for the designated nights.

For the Superbowl, that figure will be higher than the percentage occupancy rate, because the majority of hotels will be staying for the Superbow.

For a Superbowl weekend, the occupancy data for the hotel was less important, but the occupancy rate is important because it shows how many nights in the hotel are booked each night.

In this case, the top four hotels were the following:The HIA survey data is a good benchmark for hotel occupancy.

For example, the HIA occupancy rate in January 2019 was less than half of the average occupancy rate.

If the Hia occupancy rate had been as high as the average for the preceding three years, the city would have had a significantly lower occupancy rate during the Superbowl weekend than it did during the rest of the year.

In our final ranking, we chose the five most popular bars and events in Philadelphia for the day of the game, as well as the top 50 events and restaurants in the city for the entire weekend.

These were based on the HSA’s Top 100 Bars and Restaurants survey, which was conducted every fourth year.

The HSA survey is an industry survey that collects hotel occupancy and other data.

These surveys are collected by a variety of companies that help determine the best hotels for each of the Superfans’ tastes, but are generally limited to the city at large.

The data in this study is limited to Philadelphia, which makes it an important indicator for the future of the hotels industry.

The most popular events and venues for the night of the big game:The Super Bowl and the NFL are a big deal, so we looked at events and shows that are typically popular with the general public.

We included the top 100 events and 50 popular sports events, as the list was compiled by the HMA and HIA.

The Top 100 events for the 2016 Super Bowl included:The NFL has had a major presence in Philadelphia, hosting a number of Super Bowl events throughout the years, and we’ve seen a large uptick in hotel occupancy for the 2017 game.

The city’s top entertainment venue was the Wells Fargo Center, a soccer-specific arena that hosts concerts, film screenings, and other sporting events.

This year’s game was held at the new, larger stadium, which opened in 2019.

We ranked the top entertainment venues based on their occupancy rates during the previous four years, based on a survey conducted in January 2018 and the most current occupancy data available from January 2019.

The overall citywide entertainment event occupancy rate at this year’s Super Bowl was slightly higher than in 2018, and there were a number local shows and events, such as the Superbird Comedy Jam and the Eagles Comedy Jam, that had significantly higher occupancy rates.

As Philadelphia prepares to host the Super Bowl, we’re ranking its top attractions, the best restaurants, and the best music…