How to Watch Netflix in a Public Room: You Will Lose Your Cool!

The first episode of Netflix’s latest series The Crown, a dystopian series set in London in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations, had some viewers getting a little teary eyed after a scene featuring a couple of characters from the show who are shown with their faces covered by scarves.

A Twitter user tweeted out this photo of a woman in a headscarf reading an article on The Crown.

In this episode, we see the Queen’s son, Prince Charles, and his wife Catherine take a moment to read the article in front of a mirror.

But the tweet is not the first time Twitter users have shared this photo.

A Twitter user from Scotland named Sarah has also posted a photo of herself wearing a head covering to her timeline.

“I’ve been watching the series for two weeks now and I can tell you that the most ridiculous thing that I’ve seen so far is a woman holding a book in front a mirror, reading a book while holding a scarlet scarf,” Sarah wrote.

Her tweet has received hundreds of retweets and comments, many of which have encouraged the woman to remove her scarf.

Many people have also commented on the photo saying it was “disgusting”, “a bit creepy” and “not right”.

Twitter user @thecrown, whose account has over 6,000 followers, posted: “I’ve got to agree.

This isn’t the kind of photo that you would expect to see in a pub, even a pub with a sign.

The Crown is set in the year 2020 and is about the royal family.

This was a little strange to see that women are seen in their scarves reading books.

It’s certainly not normal behaviour.”

Twitter user @matthewsantoy also commented: “Just a few months ago, I was chatting to my boyfriend on a phone call and he told me that I’d made a horrible mistake and I should go to the toilet.”

The tweet has been retweeted by many, but the photo has gone viral with many sharing it on social media.

However, there are some people who have defended the woman, who has responded to some of the comments saying that she is an “expert” and that she would never wear a head coverings.

@matthewsantoy tweeted: “Not the first woman to wear a scarf in public.

This is what happens when you don’t know how to deal with things.”

Sarah added: “In the first episode I had no idea how to use the internet or how to make a living.

I’m not a bad person.

We were told that we would never be in public again.

As soon as I had the scarves on I was terrified.

That was the first thing that frightened me and now it’s one of the reasons why I wear scarves.”

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The first episode of Netflix’s latest series The Crown, a dystopian series set in London in the wake of the…