How to fix a water leak at a Foxwoods hotel

It’s an unlikely story.

At least that’s the story behind a Foxwood hotel’s water leak, which the owners say has been repaired in a timely manner.

In early February, Foxwoods Hotel & Casino’s water tank broke, according to its Facebook page.

After several hours, the hotel’s maintenance crew began inspecting the tank.

“We found that the tank had an extremely small water leak and it was repaired quickly and safely,” Foxwoods’ CEO John O’Brien said in a statement.

Foxwoods management had a “good working relationship” with the company, O’Briens said.

The water leak was “a small issue” and the repairs were “in accordance with the safety requirements of Foxwoods and our partners.”

A few days later, Foxwood management also received a phone call from a Fox Springs employee telling them the tank was “under repair” and that it had “just gotten back from the repair shop,” according to Fox Springs’ owner and general manager, James O’Connor.

When O’Connors and O’Brannigan’s company checked the tank, they were surprised to find that it was not damaged.

They had assumed the tank would be.

Foxwoods management’s repairs to the water tank have been “very thorough and safe,” according O’Conner.

“The tank was never damaged by the accident and is in excellent condition,” he added.

“If the tank were to leak, we could have easily replaced it, but we have been diligent in protecting our guests.”

A Foxwoods employee, meanwhile, told Ars Technic that the damage to the tank has been “absolutely nothing.”

“It’s not a major issue,” the Fox Springs worker told Ars.

“This has been the most thorough maintenance work we’ve ever done in our business.”

Fox Springs manager and general owner James O

It’s an unlikely story.At least that’s the story behind a Foxwood hotel’s water leak, which the owners say has been…