How to avoid a Vegas strip hotel massacre: Get away from the street

If you’ve been following the Las Vegas Strip and know the area well, chances are you’ve heard the story of a man who opened fire on a Las Vegas strip motel room and hotel room. 

That man was none other than Cecil Hotel shooter Stephen Paddock. 

Paddock was a gambler who was known to be very casual about his personal life and was known for his violent and often violent behaviour. 

A recent CNN report stated that Paddock, “had been living in a mansion in the MGM Grand Hotel for several years and had a gun in his room and that he was on a strict no-guns list.”

The report stated that Paddock “is known to have a violent past and a history of violence, including killing his father and brother, and killing a former girlfriend in a 2010 incident.” 

This past May, Paddock was shot to death in a shootout with police and was later found dead in his Mandalay Bay hotel room, surrounded by a large number of weapons. 

In addition to the shooting at the Mandalay Resort and Casino, Paddock killed more than 50 people in a shooting spree across Las Vegas, California, and other cities. 

According to local media, Pizzagate is the most popular conspiracy theory among people around the country. 

As a result, many people have decided to travel to the Las Las Vegas area in search of the truth surrounding the Las, Vegas shooting. 

What are the precautions you should take to avoid going to Vegas? 

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you’ve probably seen many different hotels. 

Most hotels will tell you that if you stay at one, you’re a “risk”. 

There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, it’s a risk. 

If it’s too easy, the odds of the gunman being able to find you are slim to none. 

Secondly, if it’s too difficult, you could end up as the one targeted by the gunman. 

You should be aware of these risks and be very careful when going to Las Vegas. 

How do you know if you’re safe? 

The first step is to know that Vegas is a “safe” city. 

The most dangerous place in the world is where you live. 

There have been many mass shootings in Vegas, including a mass shooting at a hotel in 2015. 

So if you’ve lived in the city for a long time, chances of you being targeted are low. 

It’s also important to know if your hotel is safe, because the city is a major tourist attraction. 

Las Vegas is a popular destination for international travellers, and the hotels in the area are very popular. 

Some hotels will even offer you discounted rates. 

One important thing to remember is that most hotels have CCTV cameras and security guards in place, so make sure to check the safety of your hotel room carefully. 

Here are some of the other precautions you can take: 1.

Avoid all public transport at all times. 

Public transport is not safe in Vegas.

 This means no public transport to Vegas and you should consider avoiding the Las Villas or the Strip, and travelling in the dark. 


Avoid any restaurants that serve alcohol. 

Alcohol is not legal in Vegas and if you get a bad tip, you will likely lose your money. 


Keep your keys with you and always lock them in a safe place. 

For your protection, it is always a good idea to bring your credit card, your wallet, and your phone to your hotel to store them away from others. 


Make sure your hotel has security cameras, and don’t leave your keys in the hotel. 


Keep any valuables in your car in the trunk. 


When you get to Vegas check to make sure your car is locked. 


Make your way to the closest airport or airport shuttle. 


Make arrangements to take a taxi to the nearest hotel.


Get your passport scanned when you arrive at the hotel 10.

If you get in trouble, keep your keys, wallet, credit cards, phone, and wallet away from other people. 


Never go to Las Villasa. 


Do not drink alcohol in the Las villas. 


Avoid using your phone and internet in the Vegas area. 


Make sure to stay in hotels that have CCTV. 


If your hotel or the strip are being targeted, ask to speak to a security guard or someone in the security department. 


Keep yourself and your belongings safe in your hotel rooms. 


If there is a threat of violence at your hotel, immediately evacuate. 


Always check to see if your car has CCTV.


Stay in hotels with elev

If you’ve been following the Las Vegas Strip and know the area well, chances are you’ve heard the story of…