How Phoenix hotel became a Phoenix’s dream

PHOENIX – A Phoenix’s nightmare: The hotel where the owner was murdered.

A nightmare: An owner who sold his company to a competitor.

Now, as a Phoenix has seen its fortunes take a dive, the owner of the historic Phoenix Hotel is in hot water again, this time after a woman claims she was sexually assaulted in a room on the property and that he retaliated by locking her in the building.

Phoenix police said Wednesday they were investigating allegations made by a woman who claimed she was assaulted at the hotel by a man who was also the owner.

The woman filed a police report with the Phoenix Police Department last week, alleging she was raped in a bedroom at the Phoenix Hotel in the city’s historic Old Town district in February.

She said she was locked in the room and assaulted by the man, who said he was a hotel employee, and later called her a “whore” and a “c—.”

The woman said she filed the police report after her lawyer alerted the hotel’s owner that she would file a lawsuit in March.

Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Joe Turner said the hotel is cooperating with investigators.

Turner said police were looking into whether there was any way to protect the woman.

On Wednesday, a lawyer for the man denied the woman’s claims, calling them a fabrication.

“I am very confident that she has never met Mr. [John] Poulos, nor have I ever spoken with her,” lawyer Eric Crain said.

“She’s a phony and she has absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

She’s not a real person.”

The Phoenix Hotel’s owner, John Poulos III, declined to comment.

At the time of the alleged attack, Poulos was president and CEO of the hotel chain, which has operated in Phoenix for over 100 years.

He is known for being a hard-charging business leader who pushed for growth at the company and for his role in helping push through the controversial hotel tax that went into effect last year.

After the tax was approved, he sold the hotel to a rival in 2016 for $5.7 billion, bringing in $400 million in cash.

Poulos said at the time that he planned to use the proceeds to invest in the local economy and help his wife and two young daughters get ahead.

He also said the sale to the rival was “a gift.”

“I think this will be a great thing for the area,” he said at that time.

But since the tax took effect, Poulsons revenue has been down nearly 50 percent from $6.7 million in the first quarter of 2019 to $1.7 in the second quarter.

He’s been under investigation by the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service and state officials in Phoenix and in the state capital, Phoenix.

In the case of the Phoenix hotel, a spokesperson for the Phoenix police said the agency was working with the attorney general’s office and the city of Phoenix’s criminal investigation division.

Officials said there was no indication that criminal charges were imminent, and a spokesperson with the office said the investigation was ongoing.

PHOENIX – A Phoenix’s nightmare: The hotel where the owner was murdered.A nightmare: An owner who sold his company to…